Negotiation Skills

For example, licensing negotiations in Japan, Korea and China


Associations and Research Institutes

Management of a technical-scientific association (5 years) of the steel industry in Germany with affiliated research institutes and their representation in national and international bodies


Expertise in Lobbying

Dusseldorf and Berlin as well as in the research landscape / promotion in Federal Germany/ Berlin, EUROPE / Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg


Knowledge and Congress Management

Excellent knowledge and convention management by:

• education experience in teaching and research at RWTH Aachen university

• creation of 14 patent families

• 70 technical-economic publications

• 200 national and international lectures

• 50 times participation and organization of congresses





World Steel Association

International Society of Steel Institutes (ISSI)

Steel Business Briefing


International Steel Statistics Bureau

Research Fund or Coal and Steel - CORDIS